Bill Dance X Fat Bass

So if you all haven’t figured it out yet, the inspiration and name for the LEGEND hat comes from THE LEGEND Mr. Bill DANCE taste in hats.

Bill Dance X Fat BassBill Dance Signing Fat Bass HatFat Bass Bill Dance Signed Hat

Luckily for us we know another future Legend in the BASS world Mr Jake Latendresse got the Man himself to sign our Legend hat for us! How cool! There’s not too many things that can make a grown man giddy, but , this was definitely one of them!

Thank you @jake_latendresse and a very Special thanks to @bill_dance .
Bill says “Fish On!” FAT BASS says “Get Some!” But it all comes back to the same message of “Catchin’ Bass With Class” and without that attitude from all the Legends in the fishing game this sport wouldn’t be what it is today. Remember and RESPECT the the LEGENDS that paved the way to make this sport what it is today! 🙏🏻👊🏼
✌🏼❤️🎣 🇺🇸

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